Hello! I am a PhD Candidate in Machine Learning and Data Science at Center for Data Analytics and Biomedical Informatics at Computer and Information Sciences Department at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

My main research focus is the representation and generation of complex data in domain adaptation settings with applications in textual, medical, and biological data. Please, find all my publications at Google Scholar link in the left sidebar, and more details about my experience in Resume and CV links below.

You can download a PDF copy of my Resume here and CV here.

If you are interested in research collaboration, don’t hesitate to contact me. I worked with Ph.D. students: Lesley Norris (2020-2022), Francisco McGee (2020-2022), Hannah Kim (Fall 2019), and Ameen Abdel Hai (Fall 2019). I also worked with undergraduate students: Scott Glascott (summer 2017), Brian Davis (spring 2018), Duncan Copeland (spring 2019), and Jennifer Chao (spring 2019).